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Welcome To KowCo

Knowing what to do with or about technology is a daunting issue. Technology itself is not a business or revenue generator, there still needs to be a solid business reason for the customer to need your technical solution. After the business use case is determined, then the fun starts.

I have been in the business of technology since the microprocessor made us scratch our heads. Starting in the early 1970's with electrical design work for Atari and Intel and moving on to design and programming for various process control businesses. After running my own equipment manufacturing company for a few years, I entered into "big" company management working for both Apple and DirectTV. I have been fortunate to always advance my skillsets in hardware, software, mechanical design and manufacturing.

Now, I get to choose what and whom I work for with through consulting services of all sizes. When not absorbed in a Client's project, I live "close to the land" in a beautiful rural community in the northeast. My gentleman's farm is taking shape and, in high contrast to my design and project management work, offers great satisfaction in a very non-technical environment.

Got a project to start or that needs to start? Managing can be a nightmare.

OK you have an idea and your not an engineer. Untangleing the design can be tricky.